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Thursday, October 21, 2010


miss u all like carzy.
sorry lama x contact.
so sorry.
and kiki tawu korang sangat-sangat marah.
my bad :(
to sue
the best memories in my life when i'm wif u.laughing 2gether,cry 2gether.i love you.
kiki never forget u.never AND never.u treat me like ur daughter.u show me what's the meaning of true frends.
u give me strenght.i always need u.i feel very2 guilty coz doesn't wish ur besday. kiki tawu sue sedey. i'm not a gud frends but i doesn't meant it. i know u strong enough. i know u a good girl. i feel like crying.sue,kiki sayang sue.
to yaya :
u are my idol.i love you. u very2 care bout me. u always make me hepi. kiki rindu tido sama2. rindu makan sama2.rindu pegi class sama2. rindu study sama2. nangis sama2. hepi sama2. i'm so sorry yaya. my bad.
hey,i miss ginochi,butterfly,and YOU.
to my baby alya :
i miss your smile.your hug.your KISS.kiki rindu alya sangat-sangat. kiki paling rindu alia kacau kiki time tido and korang sume nak rogol kiki. rindu mandi sama2. shampoo rambut alia. and paling2 rindu masakan alia.
love you baby.
to lynn: 
sorry x bagi tau yang kiki pindah.sorry sorry sorry. kiki menyesal. kiki rindu. kiki sayang linda. sangat2.
i miss and love u all.
GAMBANG is the best memories and i will never forget it. i'm SWEAR.
KUNCI yang banyak kenangan.

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