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Saturday, October 23, 2010

**24 july 2010 the most beautiful day and MOMENT too in my life. It's truly a big day of ours. (me and BF)**
a : Does he propose to you? 
q : Nope. I asked him.
a : How you propose him?
q : I asked him. (would you be mine)
a : How does he respond?
q : He says he'll take care of me and love me till whenever. and that he did. :)
a : Do you love him?
q : yeah!! i do love him. I'm swear.
a : Why you choose him?
q : He always asked me this question. maybe he confused among all the boys i picked him . because I know he is honest, caring, his eyes, the way he says. and most importantly, I love him because he is him.
a : Fond memories of you and him?
q : Of course our first date. watching movies together. overnite at batu feringgi. he cared for me during the night.

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