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Thursday, October 21, 2010

i truly love you,ismail ali

I hoped we would be together forever, I knew we’d have fun!
I think about you nonstop all the time,Nothing can change what you 
mean to me,you’re all that I want, all that I need.sayang,you are the 
most gorgeous boy on earth.I already found my boy so now I can end 
my search.
Please tell me that I will be with you 
forever.Tell me that you love me,sayang 
I just want you to see,
I truly love you.  
You’re the proof that my love is alive,
There’s millions of reasons I wish our 
love will never end,but simply, you're not 
only my boy, you’re my best friend!And this 
is why i  choose you ISMAIL ALI.

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